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Official community of Seventh Scent Lab - Daughter company of Elfies-World (http://www.elfies-world.com) - FAQ, scent feedbacks, new releases, trade posts, general chat and much more.

If you are searching for one of a kind, dark themed, mysterious gothical blends and products with stories and meanings - you are here at "Seventh Scent" in the right place.

We hold up a "free perfume vial" Lottery every 13 of the month for the members of this community only - so dont forget to join to participate!

If you want to link to us - feel free to use one of those:

IMPORTANT NEWS!!!! SEVENTH SCENT MOVING TO A DOT COM DOMAIN!!! We already have a new banners prepared so you can use one of those. We will be posting about date of moving on our community as well!!!

For shipment and ordering details please visit here:


For FAQ and suggestions about usage of our mixtures please visit here:


We as well put our new releases first time on ebay on special price - you can check our auctions here, our ebay ID is "seventh-scent" and dont forget to check out our Ebay shop here:


For questions please contact to info@seventh-scent.be or leave a message at elfies LJ.