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Halloween Bride - Seventh Scent Lab Community

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November 6th, 2006

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07:56 am - Halloween Bride
And as always after the Sabbath we adding a new perfume to our Limited Editions - Halloween Bride - Samhain celebration

Created specially for you on the Samhain Celebration 2006 - not only powerful scent but also a powerful magic.

Availiable in perfume vial version:


And in 4ml star shaped bottle version:



And a small request for our customers. We noticed that alread a 3d order this week contained items that was marked as SOLD OUT in our shop. Sadly we dont have yet possibility to remove them completely from the shop view or to make it impossible for you to add them to your card (we are still working on it) so PLEASE when you read a description of the item and this item is marked as SOLD OUT - it means that this item is NOT AVAILIABLE, so we will not be able to ship it to you!

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