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Seventh Scent is back!

Seventh Scent finally back after moving to a different domain, different server and making lots of updates! We had a short struggle with our email system for awhile but now everything is finally back to normal!

Please dont forget to update your links to our new one!


We also have 4 new perfumes! And we expect more in a way and as well beautiful new packaging and gift sets. To read about new perfumes you can simply by clicking on their names below.





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We are moved!

Please dont worry if you cant reach our website last couple of days!
We are finally moved to a http://www.seventh-scent.com and we also updating our server! It can take couple of days (sadly) but I will make a shout when everything back to normal!
New releases will be there as well! I am sorry for a dissapearance from the community as well due to my sickness. This is also a reason why your presents were shipped out with a delay. Now when I finally feeling back human again we will be back to our monthly lotterys starting from this month!
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Congradulations to our two free vial perfume winners from the New Year lottery - mandrakewitch and tennyocelestia!

Please contact me to info@elfies-world.com with perfume name of your choice and we will be shipping it out to you!


On the other news we expect lots of new releases in 2007 and lots of new surprises :)

Please dont forget to change your bookmarks to our new .COM website:

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New perfume release, Free perfume vial lottery and updates!

We finally have a new gorgeous perfume release! We also expecting another several new items end of this month. It was a very busy time with overload of orders so we didnt had a chance to make many new things. We also still busy with updating a new .com website which reminds me again to tell you not to forget to add a new link to your favorites:


We will be ablso renewing our Free perfume vial lotterly on 31 of December :)...so if you would like to participate - please leave your name here already now...

And finally a perfume description:

Nightmare before Yule

And perfume inspired by one of my favorite movies "Nightmare before Christmas".... a little bit different side of the winter holidays...

Warm burning wood with scents of the christmas punch, fresh fir tree and favorite homemade cookies, simply delight!.

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As we already "warned" Seventh Scent is finally moved to a .com domain!

It means now you can reach us at - http://www.seventh-scent.com

Please change your browser favorites or if you generously put us in your links.

We also have a huge request. If you have a minute - please make a test order in the shop just to see if everything is working and there are no "bugs" running around? When you do a TEST order please check out with "check payment possibility" and email us that it was a test and not a real order so we will simply delete it from the list. All your information (if you are a customer) should be saved so you just can log in with your usual password.

If there are more non working parts that you suddenly discover - please let us know and we will fix it ASAP!
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I know you probably noticed that we didnt holded a usual Free perfume lottery this month. Well, it happened simply because we have other wonderful news for you this month.

Seventh Scent is making a FREE SHIPMENT MONTH from 15 of November till 15 of December. It means all your orders done through this time will be free of shipment charges.

We doing it also to help for our customers to order a presents before Christmas. Yes, if you still didnt knew we can also send your order as a beautiful wrapped and including a lovely card from you present to somebody else.

If your present intended as a Christmas present - PLEASE order it it earlier! We are truly swapped with orders and it sometimes can take up to week or more to be shipped out.

We also hope our previous winners got their vials and they happy with their choice?
Pookie, PookieCat, Maria van Bruggen
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Elfies-World is holding a NEW YEAR competition to all of our fans. Everybody is welcome to participate but you are required to follow couple of simple rules. This competition has 3 very special prizes which you can see on the photos under the cut.

What is competition is about

Competition is about creating a best promotional campaign for Elfies-World (or for the art of Maria van Bruggen). How? This will be your choice and your imagination. You will need to come up with something very special and original - that also will be something realistic of course and will be useful for Elfies-World. All members reached the first 3 prices will have a special place with their compaign listed on the Elfies-World as well with their names. Please take this competition seriously as we will not be accepting "half-done" things.

Rules for the competition

1. Competition is starting today. If you would like to participate - you will need to leave your name in reply to this post or to email to info@elfies-world.com with Competition participant in the subject of your email.

2. Final date for presenting your compaign is 28 of December 2006.

3. Final voting will be done on 31 of December and winners will be announced at 1 of January.

4. If you have any questions for this competition please email us BEFORE starting.

And now to the prices :)

Prizes for this competition

We have 3 very special prizes which are listed here:

Collapse )

Now HURRY UP!!!! Clock is ticking :)
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Halloween Bride

And as always after the Sabbath we adding a new perfume to our Limited Editions - Halloween Bride - Samhain celebration

Created specially for you on the Samhain Celebration 2006 - not only powerful scent but also a powerful magic.

Availiable in perfume vial version:


And in 4ml star shaped bottle version:



And a small request for our customers. We noticed that alread a 3d order this week contained items that was marked as SOLD OUT in our shop. Sadly we dont have yet possibility to remove them completely from the shop view or to make it impossible for you to add them to your card (we are still working on it) so PLEASE when you read a description of the item and this item is marked as SOLD OUT - it means that this item is NOT AVAILIABLE, so we will not be able to ship it to you!
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CONGRADULATIONS!!! and Happy Halloween!

Congradulations to our spooky Halloween Free Perfume Lottery winners!

And the applouds going to cherry_sprinkle lady_hook and pix3lated_dream

Please contact us with name of the perfume vial of your choice to info@elfies-world.com and we will be happy to ship it to you!


And another important news:

SEVENTH SCENT MOVING TO A DOT COM DOMAIN!!! We already have a new banners prepared so you can use one of those. We will be posting about date of moving on our community as well!!! For now process will take some times so you can still reach us on the old webadress - http://www.seventh-scent.be but in a future you will need to update your favorites or links to http://www.seventh-scent.com

And here are some new banners: