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October 27th, 2006

09:26 am - Free Perfume Vial lottery
So... who is in to this month Spooky Halloween FREE PERFUME VIAL LOTTERY??????
Just leave your name in this post - and we will be holding our lottery exactly at mindnight at 31 of October.

Also please keep an eye on very important updates on Seventh Scent!!! We will be posting them a little bit later.

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October 23rd, 2006

02:23 pm - NEW PERFUMES!!! Updates and news...
No we are not dissapeared - it was incredibly (lets say not normally) busy month + I was sick for more than a week which is wasnt very helping either. Due to the overload and delay with vials shipment (thanks to the uptight customs again) most of your orders and present for the lottery were shipped with delay (on which we truly appologise! extras were added!). Orders that has been done previous week and during this weekend will be shipped out to you on Wendsday.

On the happy part of the news we have a wonderful new releases inspired by Stephen King which is starting our new line of


So just click on the links below to see what they are all about....






And NO WE DIDNT FORGOT ABOUT LOTTERY OF THIS MONTH!!! :) But because we have a Halloween night approaching - our lottery moved this month to the 31 of October! Spooky Lottery!! ;) So keep an eye on our LJ for the invitation post.

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September 20th, 2006

10:02 am - SHIPMENT DELAYS!!!
As we noted before it - for all the orders made from 8 of September we had a slight delay in our shipments!
Vials were finally recieved today and all the orders made from 8 of September till yesterday (+ prices for our September free vial winners) will be shipped at 22 September Friday! Once again we truly appologise for the delay!

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September 13th, 2006

09:32 am - WOOHOO!!!
And congradulations this month goes to 3 members for winning a free vial in our Free Vial Perfume lottery:

1. dawna

2. whormonalisa

3. lady_hook

Why 3? Well, as you already know we periodically feel like it ;)

So please contact us to info@elfies-world.com with perfume name (not including Limited Edition scents) of your choice.


On the other note a small appology! For all who made an orders from 8 September and up - we have a delay in our shipment because vials company is late with shipment as well! I am trying to make it faster as much as I can but please forgive me several days of delay in shipping it out!!!


And as promised new perfumes coming out end of this week - Ride Christine, Ride!, What you can find at Pet Cemetary, Smile of IT, When eyes burns you, Werewold nights - and you probably already can guess where I got my inspiration :)

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September 10th, 2006

07:09 pm
Now that I smell so yummy every time and my husband is sensitive to alcohol on his skin we wonder what blends might be suitable for the man? Something sweet, powdery is out of the question ;-)
He likes fresh smells, lemon, bit of mint, lavendar, dark vanilla.
I was thinking The Dire Mother and The Great Child (he is Gemini as well).
How about 333? I don't know that one yet.
Anything else?

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September 8th, 2006

08:59 am - Free Perfume vial lottery for September!
Okay guys, who is in this month for FREE PERFUME VIAL LOTTERY? :)
Please remember that official date of the Lottery is 13 of September but we always ask a little bit earlier to give everybody chance to see this post.

And we have 5 new perfumes coming out this week!

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September 1st, 2006

10:16 am - The Hags released!
Definition of The Hag is An old woman considered ugly or frightful, a witch, a sorceress, a female demon.

We gladly present 6 new and gorgeous perfume mixtures!

Black Annis (Cat Anna) - love this one and actually wearing it right now...dark and so mysterious!

Black Annis or Cat Anna lives in deep cage made from the big rocks. She would also eat all the passing by humans that will be wondering by her cave. Also known as a Cat Anna she has a powerful association with cats sometimes manifesting a huge black forest cat...


Baba Yaga (House on a Chicken leg) - one of my favorites, gorgeous scent reminding me of the warm chocolate in the middle of the forest near the fire...

Old forest witch from the russian folclore probably could be a prototype for the Hag archetype. She is dangerous and unfriendly and she is knowng to live in a wooden house on a one chicken leg...


Beltane Carline (The Black Bit) - wonderful sweet and warm very intoxicating scent.

Beltane Carline literally means Beltane Old Woman and she is the famous one who is recieving the blackened bit of the Beltane cake...


More here:

Read more...Collapse )

We have as well 10% off cupons included with each package that will be ordered during September!!!

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August 31st, 2006

09:28 am - Back in stock and new perfumes
Our soap for Ra scent is finally back in stock!


And we as well expecting new scents coming out today or tomorrow.

The Hags line is opening with Muir Larteach (Sea trickster), Sheela na Gig (Unknown mysteries), Black Annis (Cat Anna), Baba Yaga (House on a Chicken leg), Beltaine Carline (The Black Bit) and Angerboda (Shapeshifting Crow)</b> so keep an eye on our LJ!


HUGE thank you for the such a wonderful reviews posted here!!!!


And your packages from this weekend orders were shipped out yesterday.

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August 29th, 2006

05:31 pm

Name: Old Skeleton Key
Description: "Butter vanilla, bloody currant and spicy thyme."
Purchased: seventhscentlab
Price: $2.50+

First Impressions:
The scent is quite strong when first putting on but quickly dries into something unearthly mysterious.. something lightly floral.. something unusual and reminiscent of days gone by. Old Skeleton Key is a perfect name for this scent. It smells like treasures from loved ones long ago that you are just finding after centuries in a dusty locked box. On my skin it has the scent of old roses, vanilla, and something old like satin and parchment paper. Like many of seventhscentlab perfumes.. the scent is like nothing I have smelled before and yet at the same time, very familiar.

After Wearing Few Hours:
The perfume has now faded quite remarkably. It has become something sweet and reminds me of the Victorian era. Very unusual from the first whiff to the very last. You can still smell the flora aroma but it has quieted down into a musky vanilla. It's beautiful from start to finish. I usually prefer fresh, breezy, clean scents so finding a flora scent that I like is extremely rare.. and this one is just simply AMAZING.

Over All Impact:
I was quite surprised by the memories this scent provoked. Visions of playing dress up in an old attic, glancing and photo albums of loved ones who have passed on, and smelling the scent of pressed flowers in old books.. It is one of the more moving fragrances I have ever worn. I do not think I would say this perfume is an "every occasion" scent.. It certainly is not for every occasion, but if your in a mood for nostalgia, remembering the past, or looking for something to match Victorian era perfumes, this certainly is the one for you. It is VERY unusual from start to finish. I don't often find a lack of words to describe fragrances, and this one has stumped me completely.. as I said before, its like nothing I have smelled before and yet at the same time, very familiar. Old Skeleton Key is destined to become one of my favorite treasures.
Current Mood: giddygiddy
Current Music: Delerium - Symbolism

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August 27th, 2006

10:35 am - And some poll for you today...
Poll #807818 Scents and more

What is your favorite scent?

What is your favorite scents line? (example - "From the grave", "Femme Fatale" and so on)

What kind of perfume mixtures you would like to see in a future?

What scents that you have you would like to trade?

Which items you would like to see more in our shop?

Perfume mixtures
Sets of perfumes
Other products (specify in reply)

And give us some rating...

Mean: 8.40 Median: 8 Std. Dev 1.36

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